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What Was YOUR First Job? Here Are Ours!

WE ALL HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE! We’re interested in hearing about YOUR first job!

We Asked Team Members The Same Questions We’re Asking YOU:

  1. What was your first job?
  2. Tell us about your experience! Did you love it or hate it?

Here Are Some Of Our Team Member’s Answers:

Carla: I was a bus girl at an Italian Restaurant. I loved it! I was 12 years old and I made $2.10 per hour!

Chris: My first job was cleaning apartments after someone moved out. I loved it or hated it, depending on how clean or dirty the apartment dwellers were.

Dr. Thomas: My first job was at Kmart. I mostly hated it! I worked during the summer and the AC went out, and I spent a week organizing racks of boys swim trunks sweating profusely.

Jessi: I was a technician at Ozark Eye Clinic for the summer. I loved it and felt very fortunate for a first job!

Tiffany: I hated my first job at Subway. I was 15 and cried every day I had to go to work!

Lori: My first job was at Burger King. I hated smelling like grease and became a vegetarian.

Susie: I hated my first job at Bass Pro Warehouse. I counted worms for fishing tackle kits. The worms were covered in oil and it was gross!

Marsha: I worked at Steak ‘n’ Shake as a server for my first job. I had to wear a bow tie, but I loved the tips!

Julie: My first job was at Dairy Queen. I was 15 years old and I loved it!

Kim: At age 16 I worked at Pizza Hut. I liked the job and it was fun to see everyone.

Laura: My first job was at the movie theater. I loved it because I got to watch all the movies and hang out with awesome people!

Shawna: I worked at a Mom and Pop grocery store for my first job. My dad delivered groceries and both my sisters worked there before me.

Abby: I worked at Lambert’s Cafe. I loved it because of the awesome people I worked with.

Kirby: Babysitting was my first job and I loved it. Love watching kiddos!

Cindy: My first job was at a Retirement Home. I served meals to the residents and got to hear lots of stories from them.

Stacie: I loved working at Dickinson Movie Theater. I sold concessions and I got to watch all the new movies.

Kristi: I love roast beef! My first job was at Arby’s.

Cortney: I LOVED my first job at the fireworks stand. My brother and I worked there together and set off smoke bombs when it was slow.

Dr. Lewis: I was a cheerleader and gymnastics coach. I loved working with the kids!

Dr. Katie: I worked on staff for a summer camp and helped lifeguard and ​give first aid.

Marissa: Panera Bread was my first job. I loved the good coffee, good pasteries, and good people.

Georgette: I worked at an auto auction. I wrote the check for the dealers after the cars were sold.

Betty: I was a hairdresser at a beauty shop. Haircuts were $2 to $3 at the time.

Heather: I worked at a gas station. I loved the “regulars” that came in every morning!

Kellie: Pizza Hut was my first job. I got my first kiss in the dishwashing area while on break!

Brooke: I worked at a theater and loved the free movies!

Brandie: My first job was a telemarketer. I hated it!

Sarah M: My first job was at CiCi’s Pizza. I got to work with 4 of my best friends.

Kelsey: I was a waitress and got to work with my best friends.

​S​arah F: ​My first job was Six Flags in St. Louis. I disliked cleaning up vomit and long days in the heat at the rides.

Angie: My first job was at Steak ‘n’ Shake. I was new to the area and I thought it would be a good way to meet new people, but I only worked there for a month!

Amy: I taught swimming lessons at the pool in my hometown. It was great fun!

Dr. Kory: My first job was roofing houses. Roofing a house in July in Oklahoma will make you want to do something else! Like become an optometrist!

Deann: My first job was at Dixie’s Burger and Shake. It was a lot of fun to work with all my high school friends.

Rob: I worked at RAX, a fast food chain. I liked the job, because it gave me a reason to drive my car!

Shelby: I was an intern research assistant in phlebotomy. I liked getting to help with patients.

Holly: I was an usher at the Ozark Mountain Ducks baseball stadium. I loved the job. I got to meet all the players and eat the left over food and get a tan!

Bekah: I was a lifeguard at the pool. I loved it. It was 8 ​h​ours free tanning every day!

Chelsea: My first job was a scorekeeper for boys baseball. I loved it. Uniform of t-shirt and jeans and watching a ballgame!

Tonya: Dairy Queen was my first job. It was fun to work there. McDonald’s opened up across the street and caused quite a traffic jam.

Myra: I worked at a Mom and Pop d​airy queen. My sisters had worked there and the owner called my Mom and asked here if I could come to work there too. I was 12 years old and loved having money of my own!

Michelle Obama’s First Job

At the 1:08 mark, Michelle talks about her first job at a book bindery.

[iframe 620 349]

Now, It’s YOUR Turn!

What was YOUR first job? Share your answers to the two questions above in the comment section below. Or, you can direct message us on our Facebook page.

Thanks for being a part of our practice’s story!

Top image by Flickr users woodleywonderworks and Jon Bunting used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.